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Miami: Crypto’s Future Home

Mayor Suarez has taken a global platform positioning Miami as a welcoming home for cryptocurrency. He’s created the city’s own currency, and takes his salary in it. “Our city and region seem well positioned for its place, given its role as the hemispheric and global crossroads”, said Luciana Carvalho Founder & CEO of Carvalho Commercial Real Estate.

Licensure remains an issue on a global scale. Some markets have thriving free zones where regulations are more welcoming than others. The regulatory landscape is “a mess,” Raja said. Uncertainty stateside creates ongoing concerns, he said. Then, trying to integrate cryptocurrency with institucional banking only creates more chaos. For its part, the nation of Georgia has worked toward a solution to the crypto-to-banking question. But challenges remain.

So for the time being. “Miami’s welcoming leadership, global access, and lower cost of leasing office space compared to other major U.S. markets is encouraging many fintech companies to move here. Carvalho said. This combination has helped organizations find a home here. To many, this makes Miami the next Silicon Valley.

“Typically, real estate is the second largest expense after employment,” Carvalho said. “When you compare the cost of leasing space in Miami versus New York or San Francisco, the numbers make a lot of sense. Combined with this friendly environment and the ability to tap into Latin America, it makes Miami a no brainer.”

“Democratized for the masses, cryptocurrency is the money of the people.” – Luciana Carvalho, MCR

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